Sunday, December 31, 2017

Our terms and conditions updated and applicable from today January 2018

Our  services Terms and Conditions 

1. The customer doesn’t need to pay us any advance payment they can pay entire amount after 3 days trial.
2. Satisfaction is the most important thing for us whether it is the employer or employee both Should be satisfied with our services.
3. In case after trial customer or employee doesn’t satisfy each other the customer must have to pay day wise salary
4. After the trial customer is satisfied with our services then they can pay all the charges in their Suitable mode.
5. Agency payment must be made within three days from the date of appointment. In case the customer doesn’t Make payment within 3 days
The customer must have to pay late payment charges.
6. The customer has three options first is 2 months contract. second is, 06 months contract and the third is, 11 months contract. You can do whatever you want.
7. ₹ 5,000 registration fee plus+ ₹ 4,000 contract fee for 02 months Total = ₹ 9,000/
8. ₹ 5,000 registration fee plus+ ₹ 12,000 contract fee for 06 months Total = ₹ 17000/
9. ₹ 5,000 registration fee plus ₹ 20000 contract fee for 11 months Total = ₹ 25000/
10. The medical check-up is also available on request. (additional charges will apply )
11. Payment can be in cash or cheque ( Cheque must be drawn in favor of, domestic Help In India )
Domestic help salary every month salary which is decided of the domestic helper should be Paid at the end of every month direct to a domestic helper.

Our Charges for Interview or Dropping

12. If customer want to we send the candidate for interview & three days trial at your place
13. So customer must have to pay us conveyance charges after finish the interview
14. The customer can take one interview at one time
15. We will charge ₹ 300 wherever in Gurgaon per candidate.
16. We will charge ₹ 600 wherever in Delhi per candidate
17. This charge is not adjustable in contract fee
18. If the customer will take the interview at our office this is free of cost
19. If customer picked up the candidate from our office this is free of cost or if we will drop the candidate at your place then we will charge

 For Drivers and Office Staffs Our Charges :

20. We will charge one-month gross salary of the employee for 11 months replacement guaranty
21. Two replacements are free within 11 months.
22. We will charge 15 days gross salary of the employee for 2 months replacement guaranty.
23. One replacement is free within 2 months.
24. Payment is non-refundable.

Replacement Policy :

1. If an employee leaves the job agency will arrange another employee within 15 days.
2. If we are unable to provide a replacement or if the customer doesn’t want to replacement Can ask for refund his/her contract fee.
3. One replacement is free within 2 months.
4. One replacement is free within 6 months.
5. Two replacement is free within 11 months.
6. Our endeavor is always to find a candidate within the previous help’s salary bracket but Cannot guarantee that in case the new help is more expensive.
will have to pay them the New salary.
Refund Policy
7. If the customer wants to refund his/her contract fee will be refunded in 30 working days.
8. ₹ 5,000 registration fee. Non-Refundable
9. If an employee leaves the job agency will refund only contract fee at pro-rata basis per Month.
10. For example, our contract with you is for 11 months after 03 months if an employee leaves the Job, or you fire the employee, we will refund ₹ 14545 for the remaining 08 months.
11. We will deduct. ₹ 10455 for our 03 months services ( ₹ 5,000 registration fee plus+ ₹ 5455 contract fee.)
12. Any refund will be made only by cheque even if the client made payment in cash.
13. Over time will only be worked if agreed upon between the parties from time to time.

The agency and its staff cannot accept responsibility for any loss liabilities expenses claim of damage to the employee or their property resulting from an in production
 made through the agency including any costs.

Domestic Help in India
Contact person Harish Kumar
Contact Number: 9911266767

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